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Founder's Note

Lek San Construction Pte Ltd has grown to be a prominent player in the construction industry. We have an impressive track record, evidenced by the key milestones, which include the completion of significant projects such as the Civil Engineering works at Yishun Avenue 1, Seletar Expressway / Woodlands South Interchange, Alexandra Canal, and Vehicular Bridge and Footbridges at Punggol Waterway.

Lek San is committed to delivering high-quality value-for-money projects.The high-quality workmanship at Lek San is attributable to the team’s effort, commitment, and a careful selection of sub-contractors.

 Notably, we emphasize on close supervision and continuous checking in line with Singapore’s efforts to improve productivity levels in the construction industry. We are also committed to employing labour saving construction methods through the use of standardised components, prefabricated elements, and simplified installation details.

Lek San would like to thank our Partners-In-Construction: Government Agencies, Consultants, Business Associates, Customers, Suppliers, Contractors, and Staff for your continuous support and endorsement.

Corporate values

Business Philosophy & Vision

To continually maintain the highest standards in the management of projects, to produce the best quality and productivity, and ensuring that projects are always promptly completed and delivered on time.

Values Put in Practice:

Quality Management is Key

At Lek San, our risk management, quality and environmental management systems manifest themselves throughout the entire project management process. Our philosophy is to have a schematic balance of the three basic functions of planning, scheduling and control in order to eliminate work risk, or at least to reduce it to as low a level as is reasonably practicable.

Zero Accident Rate

In every project that we carry out, we adhere to our corporate vision of achieving zero accident rates, maximizing customer satisfaction in meeting quality standards and maintaining a reasonable rate of profitable returns on the project.

First Time Right Policy

Our project quality planning, stringent standards of quality control imposed, the constant review and refinement of document and drawing control system, all ensure that a ‘first time right’ policy remains constantly achievable for all critical work processes and activities. If shortcomings are detected, a review would be carried out at once to ensure immediate rectification of the problem.

Key Milestones

Jul 1987 Our road to sucess
Proposed Construction of Yishun Avenue 1 from Sembawang Road to Yishun Avenue 4


May 1994 Key infrastructure work unlocked
Construction of Seletar Expressway / Woodlands South Interchange


June 2004 One step closer to a flood free Singapore
Improvement to Alexandra Canal Phase II - Contract 1


July 2011 The connection between functionality and nature
Vehicular Bridge and Footbridges at Punggol Waterway


August 2015
Improvement to Roadside Drains EUP Batch 7 Contract 3 – Lucky Heights (Western Sector)

Public Utilities Board

June 2018
Construction of Jetty at 37 Senoko Way


June 2020
Improvement Works to Surface Car Parks (Batch 71)


Lek San Team

The founders & pioneers who are the company’s backbone are still actively serving as its directors. Starting with only ten employees in 1986, Lek San has since developed and grown to about 100 employees & workers deployed at its various sites.

Our solid foundation for our operations came at the back of our never-ending belief of equipping the team with the right tools to develop & strengthen, intending to boost profitability at no expense of both quality & safety. 

At the core of our operations is this single and simple belief: To provide high-quality and durable products that can sustain rigorous and continuous use on a daily basis.

Being contractors for PWD, PUB, JTC, HDB, LTA, SLA, and private entities, Lek San always prides itself in maintaining close ties with clients and ensuring that projects are always delivered smoothly, on time or ahead of schedule.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Lunar Lunch

Retirement Celebration


Environmental, Social and Governance

At Lek San, our take on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is always a priority. Continuously exploring the various methods involving the reduction of construction waste, our ultimate goal is to ensure a win-win situation for both the environment & everyone living in the environment.

On the ground, we transform construction waste into life. These recycled products adopt new forms & functions and can be easily utilized to realize its full potential.

While in our offices, we embrace greener forms of energy through the use of LED lights and relying on energy efficient office equipment & appliances. 

Socially, Lek San embraces our team just like family. The flexibility of juggling work and personal life creates a positive balance and brings out the best out of us.

ESG is the future, and we at Lek San, pride ourselves in our strong engagement with all stakeholders and maintaining transparency. The management believes in equality and offers equal opportunities to all.

With such implementations in place, we trust that our present actions will reap the benefits to a better tomorrow and an equally conducive working environment in Lek San.


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Barry madden

Group Executive Director

Joseph Hogan

Chief Financial Officer

Owen Thomson

Managing Director

Chloe Dale

Business Dev. Manager

Grace Bond

Group Commercial Director